Who Else Wants to Build a Log Home for the Least Amount of Money?

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You will want to take a closer look at Mike's Environmental Award Winner log home; it is a good example green log home improvement in a rural area. With beautiful log home details like a carved totem, solar power and great log home design. This log home is on the Log Home Builders Association website. Here you will find lots of other log homes that have also been built by past students of their famous two-day log home class. This two-day log home class has taught many men and women from all over the world to build their log home and log cabins. Many of the people who take this log home class have no prior experience building anything, let alone a log home or log cabin of their own. The log home class is available to anyone who want to build their log home, or for people who want to find the best log home for the least amount of money. There is plenty of good log home information when you attend one of the classes that are sure to set you on the right track to your log home dreams.

Other details you will learn at the class include on to build your log home from scratch, without any log home kit or log home package, log home maintenance and more. You will be shown in the two-day class how to build a log home that doesn't have settling problems that log home made from log home kits typically do. The best part of the class is that they can show you how to build your log home or log cabin at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else to do it for you.

Skip Ellsworth, was the founder of the Log Home Builders Association, he was a fifth generation log home builder. When he was younger, he had a job as a construction worker on the Alaska Railroad. The workers stayed in a railroad camp with leaky tents full of holes and wind blowing through. When people were complaining, Skip took an axe, and with log home experience passed down to him from his father and grandfather and built his log home next to the leaking camp. It wasn't long before he was hired to build tiny log cabins to stay in while the men worked in Alaska.

Skip later went on to build hundreds of log cabins and log homes in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, where he became the world’s foremost authority on log home building using modern techniques. He also later founded the Log Home Builders Association of North America, and this is where he began to teach others how to build log homes.

Skip Ellsworth connection to the Northern Exposure television show. In the 80s, he built his log home in Washington state. The log home was a huge three story log structure that measure over 7,000 square feet.

The log home was later used as the home to Maurice, who was the retired astronaut, on the television show 'Northern Exposure' during the 90s. The series was filmed around Washington state and the production team rented out several of Skip's log houses so that they could use them in filming.

Skip taught log home building classes from his log home for many years; he would often sit at the foot of his 26-seat dining room table and explain the log home details to standing-room-only crowds. The Log Home Builders Association has continued the strong tradition of building log homes that were started by Skip. The Log Home Association has a world renowned reputation for building log homes, and offering guiding and log home resources that can be trusted.

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