Top 10 Tiny Log Cabins (#1) That can be Built Starting Around Just 13,000

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In a world as urbanized and hectic as ours, a little touch of nature does the soul good. A company in Scotland has created the perfect getaway that is both peaceful and environmentally mindful. Petite, personalized log cabins with an endless variety of stylistic options are becoming increasingly popular today. With an expanding population and a growing concern for our impact on the environment, people are looking for living spaces that are less intrusive and more concise. We are also collectively looking at our vacationing spaces. Our world is learning to live smaller and think more efficiently. This kind of thinking reaches into all aspects of life, including the way we approach our interactions with nature. These little log cabins allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle, spend some time in the outdoors, without leaving much of a footprint. It's not a sprawling resort, with looming hotels, spas, and shops. It is just you, four beautifully crafted Finnish Pine walls, and whatever span of land you choose to build it on. Many of the cabins feature elements of reclaimed wood such as stumps and branches, and other unique details.

Not only are these cabins beautiful and customizable, they are also very reasonably priced typically costing no more than $55,000, which translates to 13,000-35,000 pounds. This Scottish company is not the only one in the UK catching on to this new vacationing trend. The Log Cabin and Offices Company, in the UK, utilizes sustainably sourced lumber from fully managed forests- Baltic Timber in particular, to fashion equally beautiful log cabins for both living, vacationing, and renting. They are available fully prepared and ready to move in or as a supply only DIY package. To take a closer look at these amazing little retreats and be inspired, follow the link below to the 'Tiny House Blog' website.

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