Top 10 Small Log Cabins #4 'Elk Tine' is 850 SQFT of Awesome

These days, it's quite easy to find a large selection of log home kits on the internet, making it easier to select and order the log cabin designs of your choosing. While it can be overwhelming to choose from the thousands of plans that are out there, finding a company that you like and trust is the first step to getting the log cabin or home of your dreams. It's important to find a log cabin company that you can converse with easily so that you can ask any questions you may have and have them answered. If you're a first time home buyer, naturally you'll have plenty of questions to ask so it's a good idea to write them all down before you call in and to have a piece of paper and a pen handy to write down what they tell you. Honka, the maker of these log home kits, is one of the world's largest log home and cabin manufacturers. They're located in Helsinki, Finland and have created over 80,000 log buildings since they began in 1958. They have log cabins and homes in 50 countries around the world, so you can order from them even if you don't live in Europe.

Of all their log cabin designs, the Elk Tine cabin is one of their most popular designs. It's perfect for outdoor lovers, and people who would like a retreat to escape from the fast pace of modern day living. Leading into the home, there's a beautiful front deck area that would be perfect for relaxing on and putting some nice flowers and plants on. Inside, the log cabin features 853 square feet of living space and has one bedroom and a loft that can sleep up to 3 people. On the first level of the log cabin, there's an open concept floor plan that includes the kitchen, dining area, living room and the bedroom with a full bath and mudroom. The loft area could also be used for storage space if need be and there is plenty of room to add more storage in the mudroom as well. The exterior is created with full, round logs, giving the log cabin a traditional look, and which also provides the walls on the inside of the home, so it has a nice, warm and natural feel within. Most log cabins that are constructed in the traditional way are made with full scribed logs. The logs are cut to fit perfectly together stacking on top of one another to create a tight air seal to insulate the cabin well. Your log cabin could look really nice, but if the logs aren't fitting snuggly together, it could cost you more money in the long run on heating costs.

According to recent studies, log structures are actually able to decrease high blood pressure and reduce stress, much like being in nature has been proven to do. There are also other benefits to living in a wood home like fewer allergies and better air circulation. Wood is able to breathe and filter out dust particles that can cause allergic reactions and since it can breathe it also insures that there will be less humidity accumulated in the air. That can save the house from mould and mildew which can be very bad for our health and wellbeing. The company is also very particular about the type of wood they use in their log home kits, and they only use Polar Pine grown in the Arctic Circle. It's a denser wood with fewer knots meaning it's strong and durable. Enjoy having a look at the Elk Tine and other log cabin designs featured on Standout Cabin Design.***

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