Tiny House on Wheels Not Expensive!

Living in a Tiny House is not expensive. It is becoming a life choice that some people are making. There are some advantages to tiny homes. If you can handle the small space, this lifestyle offers low cost living. Many people that are building them make their homes for hundreds of dollars if they are able to get their hands on recycled materials, salvages items and some really great windows, doors and other items that people are throwing out. You can also spend between $15,000-$20,000 if you are less willing to search for deals and more if you want to purchase one already made. Another reason some people choose a tiny home is that they are very eco friendly and it uses minimal materials and energy for this lifestyle. Tiny homes can be a very good choice if you live in an area where you get to be outdoors most of the year and the climate is warm. Low maintenance is part of this lifestyle as well. Obviously if you have a small home, you wont be spending too much time cleaning, and the maintenance costs will be minimal. Cleanliness is going to be an important factor. Small places get dirty quicker and will require more diligent cleaning and great organizational skills, but because they are small and you dont have much stuff in them, the task should not take that long. This lifestyle allows you more free time if you enjoy doing other events besides home-type things. Energy costs are low for these very small spaces and you will save a lot of money in this category alone. Off the grid living with solar and propane are low once the initial investment is made to install. As some tiny homes are built on flatbed trailers, you can move your home. You will find that you wont be so tempted to accumulate a lot of stuff that your really dont need. Stuff doesnt necessarily improve our quality of life, and in a tiny home you just dont have the room to be as tempted by it all. Because it is such a tiny area, if you want to build with high quality, long lasting materials, you can do so without going deeply into debt as you would on a large home.

The main disadvantage of a tiny home is that they are tiny. It takes a certain type of person that will be happy living in a very small space and if you have a family you can well imagine some of the challenges. If you care what people think about your lifestyle choice, that may be something you will have questioned again and again! Why and how do you do it?!!!

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