This Tiny House Hotel Is the Future of Affordable Vacations

Looking for a novel, inexpensive place to stay during your next getaway? If you’re interested in micro home living, you might want to check out Caravan, located in Portland Oregon. This tiny house hotel is the future of affordable vacations. Imagine staying in your very own tiny cabin amidst several other tiny homes, with a common area outside where you can sit by the fire. Built by local carpenters, each of the micro homes at the Caravan hotel has its own unique style and character. There are six in total, so you could even try staying in a different one every night to see which one you like best. If you’ve always dreamed of going tiny, this unique hotel gives you the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The tiny house cabins of Portland’s Caravan range from 120 to 170 square feet. They are so compact, adorable, and sought-after, they were even featured on the popular television show, Portlandia. Artistically-designed, yet completely multifunctional, these tiny homes make the most of small spaces and will show you the best of the tiny house world. They might even inspire you to build your very own tiny house. All of them come with the simple comforts of home, including running water, hot showers, flushable toilets, and electric heaters. You’ll also find a kitchen, sitting space, and sleeping area in each of the tiny cabins. They’re not only decorated with art made by local artisans, they’re equipped and stocked with sustainable, Fair Trade products.

Cute as a baby kangaroo, the Kangablue tiny home was traditionally-designed and stands as the largest of Caravan’s cabins – big enough to comfortably accommodate three people. You’ll find the sleeping area in the loft, which features a queen-sized bed. A comfy sofa on the main level opens up into an extra single bed. There are plenty of places to hang out in the Kangablue, in case you want to read a book or play a game of cards. Next up is the beautifully-original Pacifica, which is wheelchair-accessible and can accommodate up to four people. Pacific features an unusual wavy shape that inspires relaxation just by looking at it. It also has stained-glass windows and a gorgeously-tiled countertop. If you prefer something tinier, what about the sweet little Rosebud cabin? Another traditionally-modelled tiny home, it includes counter tops made from river rocks, lights made out of Mason jars, and a cozy cushioned bench to curl up on. If you need a place to eat, you can just pull out the cute little dining room table on wheels. You’ll find the queen-sized bed up in the loft and if you need extra storage space, you’ve got it at Rosebud. The Skyline tiny cabin is super-special because it’s made mostly from reclaimed wood and repurposed materials. If you’re interested in reusing, recycling and salvaging, this might become your first choice. Skyline is also quite spacious – it can accommodate up to four people. You’ll find a queen-sized bed on the main floor and a couch in the loft that easily turns into a second queen. If you don’t need the second bed, the couch is a cozy place to curl up in the evenings before retiring. Or, if you’re the sort of person who prefers to sleep in a caboose, that can be arranged too. The Caboose cabin is small, elegant and was designed just as the name implies – after an antique train caboose. It includes a cute little loft as well as finely-crafted wood features. It’s deceptively larger than it looks, accommodating up to four people. And, last but never least is the Tandem tiny house, which is your simple comfy home-away-from home. It accommodates up to four people as well, and is dog-friendly.

If you’re interested in tiny homes, fine craftsmanship, and unique accommodations, Caravan's Tiny House Hotel is definitely worth checking out.*

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