The Mud and Wood House

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Today there are so many different types of homes to choose from, whether it be strawbale homes, prefab homes, tiny homes, small homes, domes, modular homes, beach shacks, gingerbread cottages, log homes or cob cottages. "The Mud and Wood House," is an excellent example of the type of home you can build with mud and wood.

This mud and wood cob cottage is a beautiful of example of the unique home you can achieve with this style of home that has been around for building since prehistoric times. The cob cottage was built by Colin and Feile for themselves and their two young children. In the video they discuss some of the things they learned along the way when it comes to building a mud and wood home, the beautiful home is full of character and personality, with lots of curved lines, built in bookshelves and built in benches. The couple built small models before building the actual home, using clay that mimicked the building material they were using, allowing them to pre visualize the home, and any problems they might run into beforehand.

The couple also talked about the beauty of taking longer to build a home, it allowed them to live through the different seasons and see how the light would affect the house location, and any changes they would make, such as adding glass bricks to allow light into certain areas that would be affected during the day. The lovely cob cottage allowed the couple to build a family home that would reflect their personality, and not be like everyone else's home, a point that Feile felt important. The home exceeded their expectations, and the couple love their cob cottage home.

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