Tesla Unveils Designs For A Plug In Hybrid Mobile Home

Now we are really starting to feel like we're in the science fiction type of world that was imagined by our parents and grand - parents! Nikola Tesla must be jumping for joy on the other side, as now there is not only a car out for sale encompassing his amazing vision of sustainable energy, but now a hybrid mobile home! Revolutionary!

As seen in the article, the newly designed mobile home is a sleek and stylish, with a white and silver color scheme, very clean lines, and a modern contemporary feel. It has everything you would need in a house! Including a kitchen, an eco-efficient bathroom complete with a composting toilet, and apparently enough sleeping space for four people! They will even have flat screen T.V sets and a dish washer! And as you can see in the photos, stylish light fixtures and other beautiful features.

According to the article, the home will be powered on a house battery and then your electric Tesla car can also be powered up using the same energy. This is an amazing technology and is the next step in our evolution away from using fossil fuels. It will also only cost $120,000 which is pretty easily affordable especially if you would choose to make it work to live in this year round and make it a full-time home.

Comparable to current mobile homes, it would probably cost less overall to power, especially with solar power. It is so exciting to see these new amazing technologies coming through to us to be able to be used by the average person! Here's hoping it just continues to grow and flourish from here on it so that we can all have the more sustainable future we deserve.

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