See How a Simple Wooden Fence Can Upgrade the Appearance of Your Home

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular and more people are leaning toward smaller dwellings as the years go on. Check out this beautiful Small Bungalow With Fenced In Yard. This small bungalow looks like it could be the picture perfect house. The little house with the picket fence and flowers all around it. Who says bigger is better anyway? This house comes to us from Tiny house Pins, which is part of the great Tiny House Talk website, where you can learn so much about tiny houses, as well as take virtual tours of them and hear the amazing and inspirational stories behind them. Just looking at other people's journeys with their own tiny house experience can be so exciting and inspiring.

This Small Bungalow With Fenced In Yard, looks like it would be absolutely perfect for a small family with one or two kids. Or it would also be great for a couple on their own, or even a single person. It looks like one of those houses that the dwellers would live in for life, a house they could grow old in. The quaint design style reminds me of houses you see in movies, that exemplify the perfect little house with the white picket fence. Nothing huge and wild, but just enough space for the needs of a couple of people. Sometimes smaller can be better for a lot of reasons. For instance, smaller homes cost less initially, and if there are any repairs to keep up with, they can be taken care of with ease. They also cost less to heat and to cool. Plus, something everyone can appreciate, they take less time to clean!

It's painted a nice light grey colour, with white trim, and with a nice pop of red for the door. A red door in Feng Shui is said to bring good luck and to keep negative energy away. So this house would be sure to be filled with luck and good energy! A small pergola graces the entrance with a flower vine crawling on it, making for a beautiful pathway to the entrance of the home. The front porch would be the perfect place to relax with a nice cup of tea or a cold beverage on a hot day. To sit out and people watch and enjoy being outside with all of the beauty of nature. The house seems to have two levels, with probably two bedrooms in total. Making the ground floor the area where the living room and kitchen would be.

The home even looks like it may have a fire place as well. There is a brick chimney on the right hand side of the house as you look at it, so maybe there is a wood burning fire place in the living room of the home. This would be such a sweet house to live in and enjoy. People are realizing more and more that you don't need a huge house to be satisfied in life. You can create a beautiful life filled with all of the important things. Like love, joy and the things you are passionate about in life. We are learning that less is more in most cases. With a small home, you have the financial freedom so pursue other things in life that you are passionate about. If you don't have high bills to pay, you will have more time available because you have to work less. More time to create art, or go on hikes in nature, or go traveling more. There is no one solid prescription as to how life should be live and that is the beauty of it all, you can choose how to live your life according to your preferences. So make sure you check out this great small house on Tiny House Pins and get inspired!

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