Luxury Gazebo

Wow, look at this Luxury Gazebo! Gazebos first started in the 1700s, and it was introduced by the Europeans. The word “gazebo” became part of the English language although its origin is still unknown up until now. Historian believed that the real gazebos came from Japan and China, and its name has got to do with Asian word. Nowadays, regardless of where it came from, gazebos have become one of the must-have features in the high-class garden.

The classic gazebo consists of a roof and a pillar to support it, and some gazebos have its fashionable frame or designs on the pillars. Usually the sides of the gazebo are open, so that people will just enjoy viewing the gardens and natural environment around it. The common style of the gazebo is round or octagon. They have floor and benches as well.

Gazebos are useful to all functions. They are utilized for bandstands during an event, weddings or small teas and gatherings. There is, however, no particular design that limits the basic structure of gazebos. The type of materials it used can also vary depending on what suits the location. There are wood, metal, aluminum and steel gazebos.

•Wood:the type of wood used is the cedar and redwood due to its sturdiness and waterproof quality.

•Metal:metal gazebo is one of the most durable gazebo and long-lasting.

•Aluminum:homeowner often found this material light and easy. It is also cheaper and can be easily decorated.

•Steel:this is the heavy alternative gazebo. Due to its heavy structure, steel gazebo is ideal in public location.

Although a steel gazebo is quite expensive, it can last many years, and you can paint it anytime you want.

There are also different types of gazebos such as pavilions, kiosks, Alhambra, belvederes, follies, pergolas and rotundas. There is also tent-like gazebos and it is often temporary structure made for an events.

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