Red Shipping Container Might Look Boring From Outside, the Interior Is Spectacular

This red shipping container home design was selling for $35,000 in Nederland, Texas in the United States. This storage container house is just one of the steel container homes you will find. Shipping ... read more

Sweet Cabin for Sale in Canada, Must See Photo Gallery!

It's amazing how throwing together a funky exterior clad can make such a huge difference in the appearance of a small house design. The Red House has all sorts of shades of color as you will see in th ... read more

A Tiny House Looks Quite a Bit Different When It's 18' Wide. Interesting...

Small house living might be a little easier living in an 18 foot by 10 foot tiny house design. Here is a beautiful tiny house on wheels located in Centennial, Colorado and it's actually for sale. Th ... read more

480 Sqft. Almeria Tiny Cabin For Just $17,058, Must See Floor Plan!

With all of the great easy to build tiny houses from EZ Log Structures, you can build a home or cabin you love. People choose to build smaller houses for many reasons because they want to live minima ... read more

99 Sqft Alabama Tiny Cabin For Just $2600

The Alabama is the ultimate garden building, with an all wooden interior and exterior. The cabin kit for sale includes the floor and is ready to mount on treated skids to make portable. The average as ... read more

1247 Sqft Awesome Tiny Cabin for Just $39,999 and Offers Free Shipping!

Have you been wanting to build a tiny house but you're not sure where to begin? When it comes to building a tiny house there so many different options to consider. Do you want a tiny house on wheels o ... read more

You'll Going to Love the Spacious Floor Plan of This 1000 Sqft Sale for $29,999 Free Shipping

When it comes to building a mini house, there are a few different options you can consider. You can have your tiny house built for you, or you can build it yourself from scratch, or, you can build it ... read more

Smallest House in Savannah Makes a Big Impression With Exquisite Layout

This small house design is just one of the unique small house plans you might consider staying in when you visit Savannah, Georgia. If you like small house living, this is just the place for you. You ... read more

Build the Perfect Green House Out of 2x4's

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own greenhouse? Having your own greenhouse could mean you could grow your own food year round depending on where you live. Starting a garden in your greenho ... read more

Every Detail Is Perfect Inside This Remodeled Navy Blue Cottage

There are plenty of cute small houses out there just waiting to be purchased and updated. Much like Chesterfield Cottage that married couple Brian and Catherine bought and beautifully restored. When ... read more

The Pacific Pioneer's Incredible Interior Includes a First-floor Bedroom Among Its Many Wonders

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous tiny house design called the Pacific Pioneer from Handcrafted Movement. This is the company's newest tiny house design going for $74,000 US located near Portland, Ore ... read more

10 Clever Ways To Put Concrete On Anything Your Heart Desires

If you thought concrete was just for paving sidewalks, these diy ideas might just change your perception of this rock solid material. This is just one of the many diy cool projects from Hometalk, the ... read more

Honey Garlic Chicken

Chicken is such a versatile type of meat to cook, and it's also one of the healthier meats too. If you're looking for quick and easy chicken thigh recipes you're in luck because this is one of the ea ... read more

5 Tricks to Dust Proof Your Home!

We all have dust in our homes; it's just one of those things we learn to deal with. Even though we have to properly clean our houses on a regular basis to get rid of it or keep it low, there are some ... read more

Create Your Dream Kitchen With This Spectacular Antique Stove

If you are designing your dream house plan, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. And depending on how you choose to decorate your home design whether it be farmhouse style, cra ... read more

See How 400 Sqft. Cabin's Living Room Combines Rustic and Modern to Perfection

Are you looking for a cozy, relaxing retreat to get away from it all? The Wedge from Fireside Resort will totally give you the vacation or getaway you are looking for. If you vacation to the same old ... read more

How Cool! Beautiful Wooden Stairs Looks Like a Runner

We all know how beautiful hardwood floors can be in any home design. They just bring so much character and warmth to any room. Of course, there are the vinyl options which also look quite nice, but ... read more

For Cozy Warmth on Cold Days and Cool Summer Nights, This Outdoor Fireplace Is Perfect!

Having an outdoor fire pit or a fireplace is a great addition to any home design. If you've been thinking about putting in a permanent fire pit or fire place into your backyard landscape, look no fur ... read more

What a Cool Baseball Dug Out Bed!

This cool baseball dug out bed is a great DIY idea for a kids room. If you have a child who loves baseball, this baseball dug out bed is the ultimate piece of furniture. Complete with storage drawers ... read more

This One-level Log Home Has It All: the Interior Has Such Rustic Charm

Entering into the world of log cabin designs can be an exciting and alluring adventure, it can also get to be a little overwhelming at times too. With all of the different log cabin designs out there ... read more

Handcrafted Amish 2 Bedroom Log Home's Staircase Is Just One of Its Best Features

When you're planning on building a log home or a vacation cabin, it's important to consider a few things before you choose the plan you're going to build. You'll want to consider things like the floo ... read more

Enter the 399 Sqft. Royal Series , You Won’t Believe How Spacious a Park Model Can Be!

When considering a vacation home, park model tiny house designs are just one of the options you have. This park model tiny house design is one of the most popular on the site, and has recently sold ou ... read more

Check Out This 628 Square Foot Cabin With Its Unbeatable Rustic Kitchen

If you've been dreaming of a small log cabin of your own, you will want to take a look inside of this 628 square foot wood cabin, from Real Log Homes. This small log cabin proves that small structures ... read more

Would You Go for It? This Is So Beautiful - Double Eagle Deluxe by Golden Eagle Log Homes

Every log home design needs some beautiful furniture to full it up, which is where log cabin furniture comes in. Filling your new log house with gorgeous, handcrafted, rustic wood furniture is the pe ... read more

With Two Bedrooms and a Loft, This Little Tiny House Packs It All Inside

In this video, you get the chance to look inside one of the best small home plans. This 600 square foot tiny house design (700 square feet if you include the loft), is lived in by Lyndsey, her husband ... read more

Small Cabin For Sale in the Heart of Sonoma Wine Country, Check This Out!

Here is the chance to own a little piece of paradise with this tiny cabin design located on Dutch Bill Creek, Monte Rio, California. The 324 square foot small cottage home has everything from a tiny ... read more

Watch a Granny Flat Built in Under 3 Minutes

Affordable Granny Flats, a company out of Sydney, Australia, creates these great tiny houses that can be easily assembled. This one is called the Brampton, and there are two other designs besides thi ... read more

Prepare to Be Blown Away by the Truly Luxurious Interior of This Premium Trailer

This mobile tiny house feels more like a modern hotel room than a travel trailer. You will want to take a look inside this sleek and modern tiny home on wheels, that takes to travel to a whole new lev ... read more

A Tiny House With Charming Farmhouse Style

From the outside, this tiny home design looks pretty unassuming, but once you step inside you are sure to fall in love. This cute, tiny house design is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas and is the res ... read more

Revel in a Unique 2 Bedroom Floating Home's Incomparable Dining Room

This unique two bedroom float home located in Seattle, Washington is no longer available, but there are plenty of other small house designs to look at in the area. Imagine living in a floating home in ... read more
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