Horses Are Big Animals But The Ones You´re About To See Are Supersized!

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There are many rare and unusual horse breeds. From super small to super-sized, the website at Horse Nation has some wonderful breeds of 7 Supersized Horses on display. Most people are familiar with tiny ponies, like the Newfoundland pony or Falabella miniature horse - but there are giant horses and race horses and even horses with a metallic shiny coat. The golden horse is a horse type from Turkmenistan and they are the national emblem there. These golden horses are called Akhal-Teke, and are believed to be older than the Arabians. One of the rarest breeds with a coat that has a distinctive metallic hue, it is known as the greyhound of the horse world due to its speed and a temperament known to be intelligent.

Most rare breeds were originally bred from colonial stock, royal breeding line and some breeds of spotted horses like Appaloosa horses come from prehistoric lineage. Unfortunately, most rare breeds of horses have limited numbers with the numbers of The Newfoundland Ponies only 400 in the world. Most of the time we focus on the smallest ponies or miniature horses but recently we came across Shires. Shires are one of the largest horse breeds in the entire world and hold many world records for largest horse. A Shire horse is a breed of draught horse - which is a horse that can pull a heavy load like a cart or plow. Another tall horse is The Clydesdale. This is a breed of draught horse that is bay in color with bold white markings and was bred to tow large loads.

There are so many different types of rare horse breeds, with a vast array of colors and sizes from super small to super tall, its best it you go to Horse Nation via clicking the link below and start off by learning about 7 types of super-sized horses!

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