Here's Proof That Prefab Log Houses Are NOT All the Same (Click for Floor Plan)

The Linville I: Square Footage log cabin is a great size for a comfortable vacation log cabin retreat. The log cabin floor plan is 1,560 square feet with 1,113 square feet on the first floor, and 447 square feet on the second floor. This charming log cabin has an open kitchen/dining room/living room, and a master bedroom, bedroom, and bathroom on the first floor. The upper floor has a bathroom, and bedroom, on the second floor and opens up to the space below.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins claim to be America's best value in a log home and log cabin building. The log home company was founded in 1992, creating modular log home building practices for the log cabin and log home industry. Blue Ridge Log Cabins has an 110,000 square foot state of art log home production facility that is located in South Carolina, they can reduce the cost, risk and time of building log home. The can complete up to 15 custom made log homes ranging in size from 500 to 8,000 square feet each week. They are America's only solid log modular homes. Blue Ridge Log Cabins can design and build larger log home floor plans that can be used as both primary and secondary homes. They can build multiple sections that are assembled to create a larger log home, with some log home floor plans reaching up to 5,000 square feet.

A log home from Blue Ridge log cabins is unique to any other log home design you will find. Blue Ridge Log Cabins uses a technology and process that is very rare. Each log home and log cabin are built in a production facility that is cutting edge and controlled. All the plumbing and wiring is finished before each log home leaves their production facility. Along with all appliances, ceiling fans, windows, bathtubs, and other features being installed. Blue Ridge log cabins have a unique assembly line process, with many people traveling to see the building process to see the amazing progress of their dream log home being built.

With this unique log home production facility and process, customers get the best customer service possible, with the highest quality log home that is possible in a completely controlled facility. The size of the log home production facility allows Blue Ridge log homes to store all of the wood used in their log home and log cabins indoors, so the moisture content of each log is consistently and constantly monitored. Each log is also marked for moisture, grade, and placement. Along with each log being stored inside, all the windows and doors used in their log homes are high quality, so they provide an extremely tight seal, which also helps to prevent the growth and accumulation of mold. The log homes and log cabins are designed to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour. Each log home and log cabin that goes through the production facility is monitored closely and thoroughly by the quality control team at Blue Ridge.

When it comes to log cabin and log home living there are so many choices available. There is a wide variety of styles, log home plans, sizes, and designs to choose from. When you are thinking about a log home build, you will want to determine your budget, lifestyle, and needs first before deciding which log home floor plan to go with. Designing the log cabin or log home of your dreams is an exciting process and you want to go with a log home builder and log home manufacturer that shares in your vision.

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