He Cuts The Top Off Of A Salt Container To Make Something Brilliant For His Kitchen

He cuts the top off a salt container to make something brilliant for his kitchen! This salt spout mason jar is an awesome do-it-yourself project that will only take a few minutes to make, but will last a very long time perhaps even forever! You can use it for salt or any other substance you need a dispenser for like sugar, flour, baking soda, rice, lentils, herbs, coffee, and so on, and you will always get the right amount. What a great way to recycle your old salt container and turn it into something really useful. Here you will find the first few steps to get you started on your reused salt container spout, but its a really good idea to watch the whole Thrifty Fun YouTube video for the full instructions.

First, you will need to find the following: a large, empty cardboard salt container with a spout top, a pint-sized mason jar, a mason jar ring, a pen, and a box knife. Using the box knife, you can cut the top off the salt container, making sure to cut it off in a straight line so you can work with it easily. Then turn it upside down and place the top end of the mason jar on top of it so you can trace around it with the pen. Now you have your proper measurements so the salt dispenser top should fit nicely on the top of your mason jar, once you cut it down to size and secure it with the mason jar ring.

You may be wondering what a mason jar is and where mason jars originated from? Basically, a mason jar is a glass jar first invented by John Landis Mason and it was patented in 1858. Mason jars are crafted in such a way that they are hermetically sealed once their jar ring has been screwed on tightly. They were first made to facilitate the canning process and have a wonderful way of preserving food naturally. Very popular for many years, mason jars began to die out in the late 1900s because cans and plastic containers became more convenient. They are now making a great comeback, however, because they are reusable, natural, environmentally-friendly, and, because of their hermetic seal, do not call for extra chemicals to preserve their contents. They can also be used for a wide variety of projects like this one!

This clever DIY salt spout mason jar idea comes from the Thrifty Fun website where they offer all kinds of excellent hacks that can help you live inexpensively by reusing, recycling, and reducing your daily waste on an ingenious level. For example, you can find information on how to reuse corks, reuse pickle jars, and reuse tissue paper, just to name a few! At the Thrifty Fun website, they provide you with guides and videos on all different kinds of topics, including Better Living, Business and Legal, Crafts, Shopping, Entertainment, Garage Sales, Holidays and Parties, Making Your Own, Parenting, Travel and Recreation, Budget and Finance, Consumer Advice, Education, Food and Recipes, Health and Beauty, Home and Garden, Organizing, Pets, and Weddings. You can also post your questions, share posts, and search for answers. There are also some amazing contests offered here! Thrifty Fun is an excellent resource for just about anything you can think of, with tips shared by people just like you. Its all about saving money, saving time, and solving problems. They have a very strict no-spam policy, as well, so you can really trust that everything you read over there is valuable, high-quality information that isnt going to try and sell you anything. Watch the You Tube to see how its done.

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