Hanging Raw Food Dehydrator - Solar Powered

Drying food is a centuries old technique for effectively preserving a wide variety of foods against spoilage. Many aboriginal cultures around the world have dried foods such as fish and meats to berries and other fruits. Long before modern day conveniences like refrigerators were invented this was utilized to ensure a steady food supply through the winter months. Preserving the abundance of spring and summer was a crucial survival mechanism for some cultures. a modern day resurgence in the popularity of dehydrated food is afoot and there are many dehydration contraptions available now that go far beyond traditional methods of simply hanging food in a warm dry place.

This hanging raw food dehydrator captures the simplicity of low tech traditional methods by harnessing the power of the sun, rather than using precious energy resources to generate heat and air circulation. Most food dehydrators on the market today are powered by electricity and implement heat elements and fans to ensure even and rapid dehydration. For off season dehydration or for those living in an excessively damp climate an electric dehydrator may be a necessity. However, for anyone living in a more arid climate or drying foods in the peak of summer, it may be a waste of energy to power a dehydrator when the sun's ray will do the trick just as effectively.

This mesh hanging rack allows for air circulation and penetration of the sun's heat in order to effectively dry fruits, berries, herbs, vegetables and other foods. Dried foods can be stored in airtight containers to use in the winter months. Dried herbs and vegetables can be added to soups and stews. Herbs can also be combined to make herbal teas to enjoy all year round. Fruits and berries can be used in baking recipes or combined with nuts for a wholesome snack. Best of all your dehydrator won't cost you a penny once it's set up since it runs on the power of the sun alone.

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