Fort Miami Log Cabin Home Kit for $45,000 with MUST SEE Interior

Are you in love with log cabins – their warmth, style, comfort and the simple life they inspire? Then you might want to check out this Fort Miami log cabin home kit for only $45,000 – the interior is simply to die for! The log cabin is one of the most tried-and-true symbols of American history. Both Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson were born in log cabins. Who knew? If you buy this log cabin kit, maybe your children can be born in one too!

Although we often assume log cabins were first made in North America, this is simply untrue. Log cabins actually come from Swedish immigrants who settled in the Delaware area back in 1638. They had come from a long tradition of log home building because they came from a land well-wooded with trees. When they arrived in America, they were very happy to see a landscape that very much resembled that of their own homeland. It was during the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783, when the 13 Colonies of what is now the United States all joined forces to fight for independence against the British, that the concept of the log cabin started to catch on! It spread throughout the 13 Colonies and grew in popularity until the American Civil War (1861-1865), when it really caught on like wildfire. As settlers moved farther and farther west, so did the log cabin. Since these times, it has truly become a symbol of independence and freedom.

The log cabin craze climaxed in late 19th century, and then slowly began to dissolve in North America – but today it’s making a huge comeback. Log cabins are becoming increasingly popular once again, for all kinds of practical reasons – like environmental-friendliness, simplicity of life, and cost-effectiveness as well. Not only can you find them on Ebay, they can even come in easy-to-construct kits as well!

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