Cracker Toffee

Here is a treat that seems to good to be true. This delicious dessert is both scrumptious and economical to make. Such a magical combination, it'll be hard to resist, and you'll find yourself making it again and again!

This is also a great starter dessert for those budding cooks in the family. Perhaps one night a week is set aside for the children to make dessert? If so, why not cracker toffee? It's easy breezy and super satisfying to the tastebuds. Best of all, everything you need may likely already in your kitchen cupboards!

Do you have a special dessert that you made with your mother as a child? Is there one that stands out in your mind that your little hands were a part of creating. My memory was those chocolate macaroons you made on the stovetop. I would burst with pride when my daddy and siblings took a cookie and praised me for being such a great baker. This featured recipe is quick and easy to make and sounds like a perfect mommy/daughter recipe.

Introducing Cracker Toffee, a sweet and salty combination of the most simple ingredients. All you need to begin is just four ingredients.

It'll take a preheated oven and a cookie sheet with an edge or what some may refer to as a jelly roll pan You will make it then refrigerate until it sets then break apart and enjoy!

This is a quick & satisfying treat. You may want to tuck the recipe in the vault for those times when you're heading off to friends, and you need a homemade treat. We've all been there, stopping at the local grocery store, you buy a container of bakery cookies and re-plate them to pass them off as homemade! Well no, take a stand, keep your cash for wine & bake these little goodies in only a few minutes!

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