Build This Cozy Cabin For Under $6000

Have you been having dreams of living in a cabin in the woods? Well, now you can be the master of your destiny and build your own cabin for under $6000! Sound like an impossible feat?

Well in this article Steve Maxwell takes you through the steps one by one to ensure you have everything you need to have the cozy cabin you have dreamed about. It's all laid out in the article of 10 step by step instructions he goes through in this awesome article. Steve built his own cabin while building his bigger house, but his instructions can help you to build pretty much any size cabin or home you want.

He explains in depth about building materials and longevity, everything from building a strong foundation to a solid roof frame. He even includes a price run down of all the costs implemented in building your cabin. There are links to pre fabricated cabins in the US and Canada, just incase you would rather save some of the guess work and have a bit more money to spare.

Steve's helpful article is such a handy tool, he's done all the practical work and now he is sharing his building knowledge and wisdom with the rest of us who want to be "do it yourself-er's". When you have the information at hand like this, it makes it way easier to get the job done, instead of making mistakes that eat up time and money. Time better spent building your cabin and then marveling at the results!

As you'll see at the end of the article, Steve is available on social media network Twitter and Facebook and you can also has a blog called "Maxwell's House" that you can check out as well. But be sure to save this article to your bookmarked links, it's a gem!

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