Build a Swing Set Frame Chicken Coop

An old broken swing set can be converted into a more advantageous purpose rather than staying like messy and junky looking in your back yard. Why not use this better idea to create a re-purposed project like a do it yourself chicken coop.

Unless you have a back yard filled with all sorts of materials, you may need some extra materials like roofing sheets, wire mesh, a flat steel bar of about 1/8x2, a steel door frame, some bolts, washers, nuts, netting rings and door hinges. Like all Do It Yourself projects you might be able to just look around the corner in your neighbourhood to find some of the materials that you will need. Try looking or asking around with your friends for some old sheets and steel bars that you can buy or make a trade with them. Who doesn't like to barter? What a waste when things go to the junk yard when they could be simply re-used for fun and useful projects like this one.

If your materials are already in place, then start making your re-purposed frame chicken coop. Your chickens will be happy and sheltered after this.

Take out the unnecessary metal attached on your old swing, brace the bottom part using bolt on flat bar and A-frame. At first, lay sheeting in order to check the size and cut into desire length. Screw roofing sheet to an A-frame on about 1/3 of its length and back side of it. Attached wire mesh on the remaining part of A-frame with netting rings. You may need an expertise of a builder to install ridge roll. Install vertical rigid bar for a support when placing your steel door frame. Screw hinges on one side of steel door frame to vertical bar support.

Now your re-purpose frame chicken coop is completed, get ready for your chicken to enjoy it and protect them from harsh weather, enough space for feeding and walking around inside of it.

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