An Affordable Prefab Log Cabin That Has All That You Need to Live Comfortably

Have you been dreaming about building your very own log cabin home again? Donít worry, we totally understand! Thatís why we think this Pioneer Cabin might be a great starting point for bringing your wildest dreams into reality. This sweet log cabin could be the perfect starter project for you if youíve been dreaming of building your own log home but didnít know where to begin Ė itís also very affordable. The Pioneer Cabin is a ranch-style, prefabricated cabin thatís perfect for year-round residency as well as using it for a vacation home, weekend getaway, summer cottage, or even a fishing camp for the boys.

The Pioneer Log Cabin has a great deal of living space, including a Great Room, up to four bedrooms and one full bathroom Ė you can customize these plans to fit your specific needs, which is always a wonderful option! It also has a gorgeous gable porch where you can sit outside, protected by the overhanging roof. What a perfect spot for sitting in the shade on sunny days or staying dry on wet ones! And if youíre anything like us, youíd put a little table and a few chairs out there so you can dine with your family, or sit with your coffee and a good book in the mornings. Donít forget the barbeque!

We found this wonderful log cabin home over at the Zook Cabins website. These guys have been one of the top manufacturers and sellers of log cabins and prefabricated log homes for many years now. These cabins are modular and Amish-built, and if you are planning to start a lodge, they could be the perfect choice for mountain rental cabins. Zook Cabins can provide you with just about any log cabin design that you can think of, whether you want a prefab kit or a ready-made cabin. If youíre looking for a Settler, Pioneer, Mountaineer, Musketeer, Adirondack, Cape Cod, or Lincoln-styled cabin, this is the place to visit. They also have a wide selection of garages, as well!

At the Zook website, they also have lots of very important information to take into account if you are planning on building your own log cabin Ė or buying a log cabin from them! They give you invaluable tips for finding that special plot of land, choosing the perfect construction for you, figuring out how youíll use your log cabin, designing your floor plan, choosing your options, placing your down payment, preparing the site for cabin construction, scheduling your cabin delivery, hooking up electricity and water and sewer, and - relaxing and enjoying your new cabin!

Letís take a second to look at the first tip in a bit more detail. When youíre planning on buying or building a log home, the first thing you need to do is find the right parcel of land. You need to really think about the propertyís location and ask some very important questions. If this cabinís meant to be a weekend getaway, make sure itís not so far away from home that you may never get away to it Ė or return from it! Be practical. Make sure you love the location, no matter where it is. Is it close to those places where you want to spend a lot of time?

The next step is to make sure the property has electricity, water and sewer hook-up available. If theyíre not, then you will need to take into consideration how much more this will cost if you need to bring them in yourself. And thirdly, make sure the plot of land is accessible. If you are building a log cabin or having one delivered, the truck drivers will need to access the property to drop off the building materials. Thatís it! Have fun and enjoy building your new log cabin home, whether itís the Pioneer Log Cabin or any other one you fancy.

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