A tiny house with room for a (pet) family

Tiny house designs are more popular than ever with a variety of designs that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A question many people have is whether or not tiny house designs can be lived in by more than one person. The answer is a big yes, with tiny house designs and tiny house interior designs that can fit couples and even small families. You will want to take a look at the gallery of tiny home designs that are perfect for couples that represent just a few of the designs you will find available.

The Moon Dragon tiny cabin on wheels is just one of the tiny home designs you will fall in love with. It doesn't look like you would expect a tiny house to look like with a loft that has 5.5-foot high arched ceiling that allows you to stand. This stunning tiny cabin design by Zyl Vardos has a pair of closets flanking the entrance to the loft, which provides plenty of storage for two people. The beautiful knotty pine and cedar shingle exterior make this tiny house on wheels feel warm, and the tiny house interior design also has lots of wood throughout to provide a space full of light and warmth. Then you have a tiny house on wheels that feels completely different from the last. With blue shingles and white trim on the exterior and a tiny house interior design that has a separate bedroom that also turns into a workspace. The current price for this practical modern design is $69,500, for the 280-square-foot Indigo tiny cabin on wheels from Driftwood Homes, USA. The tiny home design allows couples a bit of privacy with its separate bedroom towards the back of the home, with an upstairs loft for guests. The tiny home design also has a Murphy bed in the bedroom that can convert into a bar workspace for two.

The next tiny home design is tiny twin dwellings that give plenty of privacy when needed. There's no denying that a tiny house space may at times be difficult to allow for alone space. But with these tiny home designs called the Zen Houses, there is enough space for just that. The tiny home designs by Petr Stoln Architekt are a good compromise. The two 10-foot-wide tiny homes include a living space in one of the homes and a two-story workspace in the other, along with a small outdoor lounge in between. That gives a lot of options for couples to get alone time, in a modern design that is unique. In the gallery of tiny home designs, you will also find a tiny house that has room for a pet. The Basecamp tiny home design incorporates pet-friendly features like several kennels and built-in water and food and bowls in its 200 square foot design. You will want to take a look at the video of a tiny house design in the Catskills.

A popular question when it comes to tiny cabins on wheels is whether or not you need a permit to build or spend time in a tiny house on wheels. Typically, no permits are needed on the owner's end when it comes to tiny cabins on wheels. It depends on the location where you live, but usually, there are no taxes to park a tiny home design. These tiny home designs can be found on the Curbed site. On the site you will find all sorts of trending designs topics from architecture to interior design, tiny cabins on wheels, tiny home designs, prefab designs, technology and so much more. **

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