5 Pet Products That Prove You're Too Lazy For a Pet

With pretty much everyone now owning some kind of pet or another, the consumerist market is a breeding ground for pet products and products aimed at making their owner's lives easier. This article on 5 Pet Products That Prove You're Too Lazy For a Pet, is a very blunt, yet humorous look at 5 products that look and sound pretty ridiculous or ingenious depending on what you want. The first things you know you have to do when you get a pet is of course feed it, bathe it, take it for walks or let it outside, and play and pet it. You have a being to take care of and love, and if you don't have enough time to do any of these things, than you probably just shouldn't get a pet in the first place.

The things on this list are pretty good ideas, but they are funny at the same time, like the poop bag for the dogs and horses, like really, I can see this being handy and all, but one of the things that you sign up for when you get any pet is that you will be cleaning up after them when they go poop. It's funny that people are really that lazy that they want something like this so they don't have to bend over to pick up their dog's poop.

Then there is the remote feeder for your pet so that you can just feed them with the touch of your smart phone. While it's a good idea, it is really one of the main things that you do for your pet, and it is already simple enough to do without making it even more simple by involving technology. Animals need attention and connection with people and they need to be trained, not just put the side for your convenience. Any way, this article is good for a laugh if nothing else, it might be inappropriate for children though so be warned! Head over to 'Cracked; by following the link below!

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