3 Cheap And Fast Methods To Clean The Bottom Of Your Steam Iron

Ironing your clothes only to find that there is a stain on your piece of clothing is devastating. You might be ready to toss out your iron, but before you do, try these cleaning tips from 101 Cleaning Tips. A steam iron is great for getting all of the pesky wrinkles out of your clothes which can be extremely helpful if you wear a lot of dress clothes for work or a uniform that needs to look spiffy each day. Wrinkles in clothes tend to make them look old and messy, and stains can do the same thing. If you've got a stain on your article of clothing from your iron it may be because the steam is causing some rust to form on the metal heating part of the iron. This can happen over time when you have had it for a while. The good news is, with some natural cleaners, you can clean your iron and prevent these horrible stains from occurring. If you have gotten a stain from your iron, be sure to take care of it right away. Rinse the area with some cold water and if that doesn't take it out then apply some laundry soap and dab the area until the stain lifts.

If you want to prevent hard water build up in your iron, just use distilled water instead of tap water in your iron. The distilled water won't have the hard minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause hard water deposits to form. Also, never use anything too abrasive to clean the metal part of your iron like steel wool. Just use a normal cloth. You may also want to empty out your water tank on the iron after using it to prevent the rust from forming too. To clean your iron on the inside, try using vinegar. The vinegar will break down any hard water deposits and will clean any rust as well. Just make a solution of half water and half vinegar. Fill your irons water tank a third of the way full and activate the steam for 5 to 10 minutes or until the vinegar water is all gone. Then, fill it with water again and rinse it out. To clean the metal part on the outside, dip a cloth in vinegar and glide the iron over it. You can also use Q-tips to clean the little holes properly.

You can even use toothpaste as one of the natural cleaners for cleaning your iron. Just put a small bit of white toothpaste on a cloth and rub the stained areas then wipe the metal part off to clean the toothpaste off revealing your clean iron. In the same way, you can use baking soda to clean the metal part of the iron, and it's also a natural cleaner as well. Add some baking soda to vinegar and water and then moisten a cloth with the solution and rub the iron all over the cloth to scrub the stains off. You can even make a paste out of the baking soda and water to leave it on the metal part and then scrub it off gently with a cloth. These are a few of the great cleaning tips you can try out to keep your iron working great and so it won't stain your clothes with rust or sticky build up. Try out this and other cleaning tips from 101 Cleaning Tips and see how much easier you can make your cleaning routine in your home. Share them with your family and friends too so they can experience the benefits too.***

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